Drive-through signage to be regulated under new council bill
April 20, 2017


WAILUKU - A bill proposed by the Planning Department to regulate drive-through signs in Maui County for the first time was approved by the Maui County Council.

After consulting with the Maui Chamber of Commerce and several licensed sign contractors, the Planning Department drafted the bill in February and transmitted it to the Maui County Council in March.

The department recognized Councilmember Stacy Crivello, chair of the council's Housing, Human Services and Transportation Committee, for scheduling the bill so quickly and passing it out of her committee.

"I would like to thank the County Council members and the members of the business community for diligently working with us on this much-needed legislation," said Planning Director Will Spence.

"The proliferation of drive-through signs is continuing, and it is timely for the County Code to be amended to provide clarity to the business community and general public as to what is allowed for this type of signage."

Deputy Planning Director Michele McLean and Zoning Inspector Kai Wright provided the committee with examples of the visual blight caused by unrestrained signage at various establishments on Maui with drive-through services, including fast-food restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies and car washes.

The council accepted the department's suggestion to limit the size of drive-through signs to a total of 48 square feet per lane, and approved other amendments to the submitted bill.

Drive-through signs have six months after the bill becomes law to comply with the new standards. After that, the Planning Department can take enforcement action for non-compliance.


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